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Lake Keowee

108 Residence Dr
Sunset, SC 29685

(864) 868-2605

Since it’s creation in 1971, Lake Keowee has provided an integral source of energy and recreation for the upstate. While the lake was originally created to cool water for the three Duke Energy nuclear reactors in the area, it has become a popular recreation destination for those visiting the Clemson area. The 300 miles of shoreline and deep waters make it a dream destination for fisherman and water sport participants alike, while the easily accessible public accesses and accommodations create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Lake Keowee receives flowing water from Little River and the Keowee River, which bring in an influx of fishing opportunities. Fishing areas are bountiful and some can be accessed through the beautiful Keowee-Toxaway State Park. This free access park is only about 1000 acres in total, but what it lacks in size is easily made up for by its splendor and peaceful nature. The park provides walking and hiking trails that can lead visitors on a tour around the park or direct them to designated launching or fishing areas. Other wildlife and flora such as black bears, white tailed deer and endless species of wildflower may also be viewed within the park.

The lake is also ideal for boating and water sports. Activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding and kayaking can all be found at Lake Keowee, with rentals available year round. Keowee-Toxaway State Park has access areas for kayaking or paddleboarding, and designated boat ramps can be found nearby. The state park offers accommodations in the form of twenty-five campsites, as well as a spacious and private cabin with a stunning view of the lakefront and courtesy dock for renter’s use. In addition to Keowee-Toxaway State Park, there are eight public access areas ready for your use.

Boat Ramps:

  • Cane Creek Access Area

  • Crow Creek Access Area

  • Fall Creek Access Area

  • Gap Hill Landing

  • High Falls County Park

  • Keowee Town Access Area

  • Lake Keowee Marina

  • Mile Creek Park

  • South Cove County Park

  • Stamp Creek Access Area

  • Warpath Access Area.


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