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Lake Jocassee

538 Jocassee Lake Rd
Salem, SC 29676

Lake Jocassee is a one of a kind, 7,500- acre reservoir resting at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Through the combined efforts of the state of South Carolina and Duke Energy, this lake containing 75 miles of shoreline was created for the upstate in the 1960’s, and now rests within Devils Fork State Park. Surrounding that shoreline are the breathtaking Jocassee Gorges, steep rocky walls of the Blue Ridge Mountains that carry stream water from the various mountain rivers down to the lake.

No matter what your activity of choice, Lake Jocassee has something to offer you. The bountiful and diverse flora and fauna make the area a playground for nature enthusiasts. For the relaxed visitor, Lake Jocassee offers many peaceful and entertaining experiences. Check out the Lake Jocassee boat tours for a guided tour around the lake that provides scenic views and a lesson on the lake’s history. You will also want to take time to enjoy the quiet and relaxing areas where bird watching and fishing take place. The mountain streams set up the ideal fishing community with bountiful trout and bass. The unique habitat of the lake and surrounding areas also invite many rare species of birds and other wildlife that can be viewed in the surrounding gorges.

If adventure is what you seek, Jocassee will not disappoint. An unlimited amount of recreation awaits our adventurist visitors with opportunities in hiking, water sports, and even diving. The trails throughout the Jocassee Gorges and along shorelines provide moderate to strenuous hikes that are well worth the remarkable views. The lake is the perfect setting for activities such as water skiing, boating, or kayaking with many local rental shops in town nearby. There is even dive school and shop that takes visitors to see the underground town resting at the bottom of Lake Jocassee.

Camping and lodging spots are available through Devil’s Fork State Park so grab the family and find your natural paradise at Lake Jocassee.

Boat Ramps:

  • Devils Fork State Park,

  • Double Springs Campground


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