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Clemson Dikes

201 Sunset Ave
Clemson, SC 29631

Running parallel to Lake Hartwell, the Clemson dikes feature a continuous trail with sprawling views of the lake. Whether you go during the day for a lovely walk under the sun or go at dusk for a picturesque view of the Clemson sunset over the lake, the dikes are sure to make you a repeat visitor.

To get to the end of the dikes and the beginning of your walk or run, drive down Old Greenville Hwy towards Seneca. Once you reach Esso Club, look for a gravel parking lot to your right. The parking lot is directly to the left of Esso Club.

Once parked you will see a hill leading up to the top of the dikes. Walk up this hill and you will come to a packed dirt and grass path overlooking the lake. Continue down this path until you reach the road (Old Greenville Hwy). Cross the road and turn left. Follow the road for a couple of minutes until you see a packed dirt path cutting into the woods.

Take this path through the trees, passing a wooden house-like structure on your right, and it will end at the Clemson Rowing Docks Boathouse and parking lot. Walk across the parking lot to a chain link fence. There will be an opening in the fence that grants access to the rest of the dikes.

Once through the fence, you have reached the second part of the Clemson dikes. Continue on path until you reach a set of stairs to your right and go down these to another fence. Like the last one, this fence has an opening in it that allows for continuing access to the dikes.

Walk down the pathway through the more wooded area until you reach the third and final part of the dikes. Continue on this straightway of dike until you reach the Walker Golf Course.

Reverse steps to return to starting point.


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