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Highway 11 Road Trip

109 Wall St
Clemson, SC 29631

Also known as the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, Highway 11 stretches all the way from Fair Play, SC to Gaffney, SC . Clemson provides the perfect start and end point to this day-long road trip, with a wide variety of accommodations and plenty of choices for shopping and dining. If you're looking to see more of the Upstate while you're here, this trip has got something for everyone - beautiful waterfalls, historic sites, and some yummy food to keep you going!

Start at Pot Belly Deli (A) & grab a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel and a coffee for the road!

From there, take 76 E to SC-187. Then get on 85 S, and take Exit 1 to Highway 11.

Your first stop is Lake Hartwell State Park (B). You can burn off your bagel on the 1.2 mile Beech Buff Trail, or try your hand at fishing! The Tackle Loaner Program offers rental fishing rods and tackle.

Take Highway 11 for about 30 more minutes, and then turn left on Oconee Station Road.

Welcome to Oconee Station Historic Site (C)! First check out Oconee Station, an old stone building used as an outpost by the SC State Militia in the late 1700s. Then make your way to Station Cove Falls, a stepped 60-foot waterfall featuring beautiful wildflowers (in the spring and summer!).

Once you're back on Highway 11, drive about 25 minutes until you come to Jocassee Lake Road, then turn left.

Featuring the only public access point to Lake Jocassee, Devils Fork State Park (D) is home to several waterfalls and four mountain streams, which feed into the lake. The unusually clear water of Lake Jocassee makes this spot a haven for swimmers and divers alike! If you?re interested in spending some time on the water, on-site canoe, kayak, and paddleboard rentals are available.

Take Highway 11 for another 13 minutes. Bear left on Moorefield Memorial Highway (178 W), and then make a right onto Sliding Rock Road.

Stop for lunch at The Rock Restaurant & Bar (E). Located on the property of The Rock Golf Club and Resort, The Rock Restaurant has delicious burgers and sandwiches. If you've got a sweet tooth (or are just extra hungry!), visit Aunt Sue's Country Corner (G) for ice cream a little further down Highway 11.

Drive another 5 minutes on Highway 11, and then turn left onto Table Rock State Park Road.

Your third and final park of the day is Table Rock State Park (F). Adventure-seekers can take a strenuous hike to the top of Table Rock Mountain for sweeping views of the region, or if you're looking for a more low-key experience, sit and enjoy one of the mountain streams. The Lakeside Trail is a family friendly alternative for visitors, and is a leisurely 1.9 mile loop that features several sites such as an old stone boat landing, the historic Lodge, and the dam.

Get back on Highway 11 for a few minutes before turning left onto S Saluda Road (S-39-113).

The 47-acre Victoria Valley Vineyards (H) is the perfect spot to end your day! Enjoy a traditional wine tasting of their European Vinifera wines followed by a tour of the property, before heading back home to Clemson (I).

Bonus Stops: These few places are a little further off the beaten path, but worth checking out if you've got the time!

  • Twin Falls Trail - The most raved about falls in Pickens County! A quick 10-minute hike, this trail is perfect for all ages.

  • Table Rock Tea Company - A tea lover's dream! Enjoy an educational tour of the grounds, and grab some tea from the gift shop to take home.

  • Sassafras Overlook - The highest point in South Carolina with sweeping views of the Upstate.

  • Beech Bottom Falls - On the way up to Sassafras Mountain, be sure and look for the Beech Bottom Falls sign on your left. You'll find a short trail to a beautiful platform overlooking a breathtaking falls.

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