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Cheohee/Miuka Falls

Cheohee, SC 29686

An easy 45-minute (1.2 mile) hike on a spur trail of Winding Stairs Trail takes you to a 75' Falls or cascade on the West Fork of Townes Creek. Another falls-Secret Falls can also be reached by hiking the Winding Stairs Trail.

Time to hike: 45 minutes


1.) From Walhalla, drive northwest on SC 28 for 8.4 miles and bear right (north) onto SC 107.

2.) Drive another 8.7 miles and park on the right just before the sign for the Cherry Hill Recreation Area.

3.) Start your hike on the Winding Stairs Trail, which starts at the right (south) of two yellow posts. Do not pass between the posts or cross SC107.

4.) At 0.2 mile the trail bears right, and a path from the Cherry Hill Recreation Area enters from the left.

5.) From this junction hike south for 0.9 mile and bear left onto a spur trail to see Miuka Falls.

6.) Hike another 0.2 mile to a clearing. You will hear the falls below and to the right. Continue straight ahead and you will descend steeply and through mountain laurel where you can view the falls through the foliage.

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